Fake news from the Washington Post and NYT is getting thousands of people killed in the Middle East

Sunday, December 25, 2016 by

The increasingly tedious “fake news” sideshow aims to delegitimize the incoming Donald Trump presidential administration.

Obviously, bad info from random actors circulates on the web, but most of the fake news comes from the New York Times, Washington Post, ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN.

Without any subsequent accountability, the Times and the Post, among other news agencies, participated in the apparent WMD fiasco in the run-up to the Iraq War which destabilized the Middle East and, once Obama removed all U.S. troops rather than leaving a residual force in place, created a power vacuum that led to the rise of ISIS.

“Just this November, nearly 6,000 people were killed in Iraq thanks to the conflicts that are still raging due to the invasion (which is ongoing), and it was not an atypical month – even more were killed in October,” the Blacklisted News website observes.

As far as Putin and his pals intervening in the election upon which the media and left is currently hyperventilating, wouldn’t the Kremlin have preferred Hillary Clinton as president given that as Secretary of State, she gave away about 20 percent of U.S. uranium to the Russians?

Whether it concerns domestic or international affairs, Mike Adams put the hypocritical fake news claims into proper perspective.

The insidious assumption behind the “fake news” accusations being flung far and wide by the fakestream media (CNN, NPR, WashPost, NYT, MSNBC, etc.) is that somehow the corporate media has a divine monopoly on “facts.”

…If the corporate-run media really had some sort of divine monopoly on “facts,” then none of us would be able to find examples of laughably fake news on their websites, would we? Yet even the Washington Post has now been exposed for, if you can believe it, faking a news story about fake news!These are also the same fake news organizations that obediently and enthusiastically repeated Obama’s fabricated claims about Obamacare…

Perhaps the ultimate in fake news was the conventional wisdom from the punditry that Donald Trump couldn’t win the presidential election, even while various right-leaning websites continually pointed out that polls were oversampling Democrats and otherwise placing an ideological spin on the results. Check out the YouTube compilations of smug predictions and Election Night meltdowns for some outstanding entertainment.

When fake news seeks to destroy political careers domestically or result in death and destruction overseas, the corporate media needs to look in the mirror.










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