Year Two: Fake Russian collusion allegations, charges of mental instability and non-stop Trump hatred fail to take down The Donald

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Few Democrats believed a year ago that President Donald J. Trump would still be in the White House.

Heck, not too many Republicans did, either.

They and their sycophantic supporters in the American Pravda media and Washington establishment were certain in February 2017 that it was only a matter of time before the Swamp consumed the nascent presidency of the ultimate D.C. outsider.

Between the leaks, the constant Trump hate, the mischaracterization of everything Trump said, the Trump Derangement Syndrome, the never-ending “Russian” investigations, the veiled threats to assassinate him, and the fake polls, no one else in the crowded field of GOP presidential candidates could have withstood that assault.

No, it took a New York City business-brawler to take on the Deep State’s finest, and Trump did exactly that. In fact, he continues to fight them to this day and likely will have to do so for the entirety of his presidency (which will be two terms, by the way).

Trump could cure all cancers tomorrow, end hunger and poverty and find a permanent solution to endless war — and still the unhinged Left and Washington establishment would wake up each day trying to find a new way to get rid of him. (Related: Here’s proof that the Democrats are HELPING Russia undermine our political system and national security just to “get Trump.”)

Well, that task is becoming increasingly more difficult the longer Trump remains in office. In fact, as we enter Year Two of the Trump presidency, The Donald is proving to be not just a formidable political opponent, but a president who is moving our country forward in leaps and bounds.

Let’s start with issues that affect the vast majority of Americans, beginning with health care. Trump and the Republicans have been unable to repeal and replace Obamacare as they pledged (this isn’t Trump’s fault) but the president and his health care team have taken concrete steps to roll back many of Obamacare’s most onerous (and expensive) provisions. What’s more, the recently-passed tax reform legislation actually repealed a key component of Obamacare — the liberty-stealing individual mandate, which forced everyone to purchase health insurance (the first time in American history Congress forced Americans to buy something). Next up: The president is taking on the high cost of drugs.

As for the economy, annual GDP grew at least three percent in three of the last four quarters, something that hasn’t happened in decades. In fact, during Obama’s eight years, the economy never grew three percent in a single quarter. In fact, some are predicting that at least a couple of quarters this year will see four percent growth, a level many economists have previously dismissed as remarkably out of touch.

In addition, the stock market has hit a series of new highs over the past year, growing nearly $7 trillion during Trump’s first year as of last month. Granted, the Dow Jones had a roller-coaster week last week, but no one expects massive losses here on out, only more growth. And the $7 trillion figure is about half of what the stock market grew during eight years of the Obama administration.

Trump also seems to be winning the political battles as well. He managed to pass major tax reform, and recently, after he refused to cave to Democrats’ demands for a “clean” bill to provide citizenship to nearly two million people in the U.S. illegally, they allowed the government to shut down for three days recently. Most Americans (and even most “mainstream media” outlets) blamed them, not Trump and Republicans, for the shutdown.

Also, Trump’s polling numbers have been quietly rising for weeks. I say quietly, because you’ll never read about that in the Trump-hating Washington press; 48 percent of likely U.S. voters approve of Trump’s job performance (not the “38 percent” you’re always hearing about from the same media that wrongly predicted a Hillary victory).

Trump’s not perfect, we all know that, but no one is. Yet it’s clear he’s patriotic, he’s trying to do what’s best for all Americans, and he’s succeeding in making America great again, by any measure.

Trump enters year two of his presidency in good shape, same as the country.

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